FAQ Private Online Piano Lessons

How does it work?

Private piano lessons work exactly the same way as regular private piano lessons do, just through a screen! Students go through a method book series, a music theory book, or guided classical repertoire with personalized feedback and mentorship from a one-on-one teacher, just like they would in person!

What do I need to setup?

You will need 3 primary items to set up virtual piano lessons.

  • An instrument
  • A tablet/laptop device
  • Video conference platform

For helpful recommendations on good starter pianos/keyboards, please contact me for help and advice!

Can I still participate in recitals?

Yes! Through YouTube or Zoom, recitals can still happen. Or, if you wish to study without participating in public performances, you can do that too!

Do online lessons work as well as in person classes?

Yes! Every lesson format comes with unique pros and cons, and can appeal to different people at different times! The best way to make a decision is to try them out and see what you think!

Try it out!

If you’re curious about how online piano lessons work, please email piano@christopheralexandermusic.com!

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