FAQ Private Online Piano Lessons

How does it work?

Private piano lessons work exactly the same way as regular private piano lessons do, just through a screen! Students go through a method book series, a music theory book, or guided classical repertoire with personalized feedback and mentorship from a one-on-one teacher, just like they would in person!

What do I need to setup?

You will need 3 primary items to set up virtual piano lessons.

  • An instrument
  • A tablet/laptop device
  • Video conference platform

For helpful recommendations on good starter pianos/keyboards, please contact me for help and advice!

Can I still participate in recitals?

Yes! Through YouTube or Zoom, recitals can still happen. Or, if you wish to study without participating in public performances, you can do that too!

Do online lessons work as well as in person classes?

Yes! Every lesson format comes with unique pros and cons, and can appeal to different people at different times! Online lessons come with a set of unique perks, but the best way to make a decision is to try them out and see what you think!

Try it out!

If you’re curious about how online piano lessons work, please email piano@christopheralexandermusic.com!

4 Benefits of Online Music Lessons (Even Beyond Covid!)

As we cross the one year mark of Coronavirus, and begin to enter back into a new “normal”, one question is on everyone’s mind:

What stays virtual?

Clearly, there are certain activities all of us long for being in person again, irreplaceable by technology and Zoom. Eating at a restaurant, attending a live music concert, cheering on your favorite sports teams with thousands of fans. These activities will return in person and we will be all the more appreciative of them.

But what about music lessons? Do virtual music lessons serve only as a temporary substitute for in-person lessons or can there be unique long-term benefits to staying online?

1) Teacher Continuity

In the past, family or teacher’s moving away has often resulted in the need to switch or change teachers. With the flexibility of online piano lessons, it is now possible (should you choose) to continue with your favorite teacher no matter the location!

2) Full Lesson Time

Piano lessons are expensive. And everyone wants to get their full money’s worth. Unfortunately, small things like traffic, taking off shoes, jackets, unpacking books, etc. can often lead to a 2-3 minute delay to the lesson start, adding up to a pretty penny over the course of the year! Online classes eliminate all these delays. All a student has to do is press a button, and they are ready to go!

3) Two Instrument Lesson

Piano lessons run smoother with two instruments. The teacher can immediately demonstrate a technique or passage without kicking the student off the piano bench. While most teachers would agree teaching with two instruments is a superior experience, not all have the financial resources or studio space to purchase multiple instruments. With both teacher and student in their home environments, the lesson space becomes a two instrument experience by default.

4) Fewer Missed Lessons

Going to your cabin or lake house for a couple of weeks? No problem! Find a relatively inexpensive keyboard to bring along, or sign on virtually for a music theory lesson! While not a requirement to attend piano lessons on vacation, it is certainly nice to have the option of not paying for lessons you can’t attend! Online is everywhere, so as long as you have WiFi, so can still connect!

Try it Out!

Instead of viewing online lessons as a temporary solution to the pandemic, I’ve discovered there are numerous benefits to the virtual lesson format. Even beyond the pandemic, I plan on having a permanent online option for piano students near and far.

If online piano lessons sound intriguing, or to find out more, please contact me at piano@christopheralexandermusic.com!